EVS: when everything started for a while

Nowadays, I find it funny to think about my EVS and to remember how all began somehow for a chance. It was a year ago when I decided to travel, experience how is it to live far from home, in another country, and why not to do it in a different place from where I was living in.

I was a bit tired of the routine around me and I thought to make a change in my life.

Macedonia caught my attention not only because of the project, also for being a very different country, a country which I didn’t know anything about, not even where to indicate  it on the map.

I didn’t want to live in a place like Germany, Italy or France, because in my opinion, they are countries in which I couldn’t live a big change as I’m experimenting here. Changes like the customs and traditions, festivities, food, drinks, people, way of thinking…

Maybe Macedonia is not a country 100 % different from Europe, but it has that atmosphere that makes it different and attractive: the green market, nice people willing to talk to tourists, the burek, taratur sauce and rakija, the habit of drinking coffee at all hours, to celebrate a beer festival and a bunch of beautiful cities as Ohrid and incredible landscapes like  Pelister.

PelisterExcursion in Pelister. November 2013.

In all these months I have learned how to teach Spanish (I still remember my first class and how nervous I was) , to design posters and three editions of a youth magazine (MYG: Magazine for Youth Generation), to teach InDesign, to learn some Macedonian, to improve my English etc.

I have also lived many traditions like an engagement party,  Easter and “Slava” , and nowadays I know how to cook some local and taste dishes too.

And not only that! The most important thing is that right now I know much more about myself.

So, EVS is not only an experience in which you have to work in an area which you are interested in, it is a life experience, a “state” where every day you learn from everything around you, from how to buy in the supermarket or how to react in situations in which you had never been before, to learn how to drink 4 coffees per day and not die trying it…

Now, rushing the last weeks of my project “The missing ingredient“, I feel very fortunate with everything that has been happening these 9 months.

To sum up, I feel I have been enriching my life, not only working and helping people, also knowing myself more, learning to learn , respecting, meeting quite interesting people and enjoying the little things lately  make of this adventure something magical.

For everything, THANK YOU!


2 Responses to EVS: when everything started for a while

  1. Vladimir says:

    Silvia you will be missed by all. I hope that the only memories you bring back with you will be good 🙂

    • Of course I will bring back only good memories because I ONLY have good words and experiences.
      I can only think about special and unforgettable moments from my EVS.
      All of you know, I’m in love with Makedonia.
      I feel more than lucky to have been living here 😀



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