Speaking about minority languages is always a very interesting topic, and even more if we speak about our own language as well. For this reason, a training course was organized by the NGO “Kaebnai”, in Zarautz, Basque country (Spain).

During the 7 days, from 23th until 30th October 2013, 35 young people coming from five different countries- Spain (Basque Country), Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy (Sardinia) and Georgia were actively participating in the training.
The main topic was related to the importance of minority languages, how can we work and how run our lives using them; the importance of keeping, preserve and using them, the risk of losing them, and over all, how important is each language in all the world for keeping our identity and traditions as citizens.

Participants training San Sebastián                                                                         All the participants in San Sebastián

During the training, all the participants were sharing experiences, working in groups, contributing with different kind of view, discussing, and finally, getting 20 conclusions (voted among all of the participants, totally democratically and fair) that were presented in the City Council of San Sebastián.

Of course not everything was only work. Also all the participants could enjoy visiting San Sebastian, Zarautz and taste some awesome Spanish food as Spanish omelet, “pinchos”, sangria and cider (very popular drink from the north of Spain). Even every country explained their main traditions and of course the actual situation about minorities languages.

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The project was funded and supported by the European Commission.

Seven young people from Prilep had an opportunity to meet different cultures, to learn by the methods of non- formal education and to share experiences.

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